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If you are a tenant and have a repair request, please use the form below or send an email to info@ipmi.biz.  For urgent matters such as broken pipes, severely backed up or overflowing plumbing, major roof leaks, etc., contact us immediately by calling or texting 310-559-4764. If you get our answering service, leave a detailed message or send a text message to the same number.

For any urgent emergency such as fire, robbery, burglary, etc., please call 911 immediately.



Rent Payments

Rent is due on or before the 1st of each month. Rent received or postmarked after the 2nd (unless the 1st falls on a Sunday or Holiday) is considered late, and late fees will be assessed where applicable. A notice to "pay or quit" may be served for rent not received on time.  To avoid missing a timely rent payment or forgetting to pay rent, contact us to set up electronic payments.  We accept rent payments via Zelle, apartments.com, and Venmo.


Proper Use of Garbage Disposals

Items that should not be put in the disposal unit:  banana peels, potato skins, coffee grounds, any stringy food, grease, etc.

Make sure the water is turned on before using the disposer.    Put only small amounts of food at a time in the disposer.  Do not use the disposer as a trashcan and turn it on when full; it will clog.

Misuse of any plumbing fixtures is the tenant’s responsibility; plumbing/rooter expenses will be passed on to the tenant in these cases.  



Locks may NOT be changed without the express written consent from the property manager. If you have changed the locks you must provide us with one immediately.


Window Screens

The County of Los Angeles Health Department requires screens on all windows. If you have removed any screens, you must place them back in their proper place.



Pets are not allowed unless your rental agreement stipulates the allowance of a pet(s). You must receive written approval from us prior to obtaining a pet. The approval for a pet may or may not be granted (even if there are other pets at other units at your location). If approval is granted, an additional pet security deposit is required + our standard “Pet Agreement” addendum to the rental agreement must be signed.



Subletting is NOT allowed INCLUDING AIRBNB and any vacation rentals. Only listed tenants as per the rental agreements are approved tenants. If there are any individuals living in your unit who are not on the rental agreement, you are in breach of the lease agreement.  Please contact us immediately so we can review and approve the individual, and execute a new rental contract if approved. Minor or dependent children are excluded from this stipulation.  


Contact Information

Do we have your current contact information and know who to contact in an event of an emergency with you? Email us with any changes such as a new cell phone, work number, or email address, and make sure we know who to call if there is an emergency. 


Parking Spaces

If applicable to your building, you may park only in the assigned to you. Tenants or visitors to the building who park in an assigned space other than your assigned space may have their vehicles towed at the owner’s expense. If you encounter a vehicle in your space, the posted parking signs contain the number to the police department for towing. 



To help facilitate any repair that might be needed to your unit, be sure to contact us as soon as the issue arises. Waiting until Friday afternoon to report a backed up tub or toilet that you’ve noticed over the last few days may delay the rooter/plumber to arrive until Monday.  If you see any workers doing repairs in another unit or around the building, they are not authorized to repair your unit. Repairs must be reported to us in writing, via email form on this page, or over the phone. We will authorize and arrange for the repair once we approve it.  For urgent matters such as broken pipes, severely backed up or overflowing plumbing, major roof leaks, etc., contact us by telephone. If we do not answer, leave a detailed message (regardless of the time of day) and send an email to info@ipmi.biz and/or send a text message to 310-559-4764 with the details of the issue. Of course, for any urgent emergency such as fire, robbery, burglary, etc., please call 911 immediately.  


Renters Insurance

Your lease may require that you have renters insurance.  We strongly recommend that you obtain Renters Insurance to protect the contents of your unit and provide some liability coverage. State Farm and many other major insurance companies offer this valuable and important protection.



Do you know someone who is interested in a unit we have available for rent? If you refer a qualified applicant and we execute a rental agreement with him/her, you may receive a referral fee! 


Buying a Home

We are a full-service realty office with licensed agents and are members of the Southland Regional Board of Realtors, Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. If you know someone who wants to buy or sell, we would appreciate the referral and will award you a referral fee at the close of the transaction. If you are interested in homeownership or even an investment property, we can recommend a knowledgeable mortgage broker so you can be “pre-qualified” to know the price range of the homes to shop for. We will then help you locate that right property for you.


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